2022 Obituaries

2022 - MBWRSEC

 In Memoriam Page 

                        The following retirees will be greatly missed:                                   Click on Name for Obituary 




Ray Oancia Head Office
David Parker Trust Joist Macmillan
Derek Paisley Harmac Div.
Audrie Bayley Widowed Spouse of Ed, Somass Div.
Jack Crawford Alberni Pacific
Roger Killin  Harmac 
Don Workman Harmac Engineering
Tom Hanna Canadian White Pine
Glenn Hall Head Office Corporate
Jack Reeves Paper Group Office
Helen Davis Head Office Corporate
Eileen Briggs Widowed Spouse of Art
Lorna Brown Widowed Spouse
Lionel Cyr Alberni Pacific
George Broughton Forest Industry Flying Tankers
Dick Walpole Accountant
David Bishop Sproat Lake Div.
Roy Dougans Central Engineering
Barbara West Head Office Corporate
Kathy Gusola Vancouver Island Stevedoring
Cliff Gerhart Powell River Div.
Lloyd Maedel Powell River Div.
Randy Lafferty Head Office Corporate
Malcolm K Smith Research & Development
Walter Schilling Vancouver Plywood
Fernande Brousseau MBBM Eastern Region - widow of late Marcel Brousseau
Ted Cooper Powell River
Norma Loughton Widowed Spouse of Bill Loughton
Maureen Jackson Widowed wife of Chris Jackson
Helen Davis Head Office Corporate
Martial Clermont MBBM Eastern Region
Gary Buckborough Head Office Corporate
Barney Blondal Head Office, Lumber Trading
Vee Mauro Widowed spouse of Vic Mauro
Matt Super Island Phoenix
Jack Holden Van Isl. Stevedoring